Licensee, Organizer, Lead Designer


Branding / Identity, UX Design, Web Design


In my fourth and final year on the TEDxUChicago board, I served as the organizer and licensee for both the annual main event as well as the inaugural TEDxUChicagoSalon events throughout the year.

In additional to managerial duties, I also developed the design and branding for the theme of the 2016 event: On the Margins, which focused on the grey area between established knowledge and new theory. Whether it be talking about innovations on the brink of something great, or marginalized groups in society, or ideas straying from the norm that may be more appropriate or powerful than those in the spotlight, speakers and attendees were encouraged to step back and explore the limits and margins outside conventional, central thinking.

The branding, visible consistently across the program, presentation slides, the TEDxUChicago website, publicity materials, shirts, and so on, encouraged individuals to see what lies beyond the margins of the frame.